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The Africa Green Person Award

This award recognises young Africans who made outstanding achievement in the environment and agricultural sector through their effort towards the sustainability and preservation of the environment.

The Green Female Award

This award is to recognise and honour a female individual who has demonstrated leadership and championed the necessity for a healthier
environment or made significant contributions to the enhancement of the agricultural sector.

Under 40 Green Award

This is to recognise and honour extraordinary achievement in the environmental and agricultural sector.

Green Essay Award

The best time to catch the children are when they are young, the Green Essay Award engages students from different schools to write essays and become familiar with the key points in the sectors.

The Green Grant Award

The Green Grant Award supports start-up interventions by individuals who have innovative and creative ideas to solve environmental and agricultural  issues.

The Green Grant Award started with the call for applications around January 2020, with several applications received from several people within the country. After assessing and evaluating the applications submitted, 10 finalists were selected. The selected finalists would proceed to a boot camp where they will be trained on business basic development skills needed for their start-up growth by seasoned and professional experts. At the end of the training, the finalists will be asked to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. The results will be collated and the winner will be announced at the 2020 Africa Green Awards.

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