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Founder’s Speech

Globally there is a paradigm shift. We can all sense it, it is tangible! There is a change in the workplaces and schools, in our cities and communities, in the boardroom and in the media, in legislative houses and courtrooms. People from all corners of the world are demanding a
fundamental redesign of how we as individuals and as a society interact with the planet. As our wildlife is dying, our vegetation is on the low and human existence is been threatened, Everyone is beginning to have a clear understanding that we must live within the limits of our natural world on the land, in the air and even at sea. In response, we are seeing humanity’s astonishing capacity for innovation and imagination turn towards finding solutions. Never before has the environmental mandate been more visible, recognized and acted upon. But then again, never before have the stakes been higher.
As noted by Inger Anderson, the Executive Director of UN Environment Program (UNEP) “Pollution of air, land and water is poisoning the planet, from the deepest ocean trench to the highest mountain peak. The latest climate alarm, from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, told us how little time we have to ward off the worst impacts of climate change. Scientists from many different bodies are warning that human activity is devastating biodiversity, threatening livelihoods,
food security and society as we know it”.
Nature has everything we need, we must preserve it, we must now understand how to use our environment to solve even societal and economic issues (from unemployment to food shortages to the various environmental hazards), we must turn our problems into gains, live a good life and ensure an excellent legacy for the future….Our environment must win again.
The foundation was birthed on this premise.

Adetunji Lam-Adesina

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