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Children are the leaders of tomorrow and it is our intent to catch them young. The aim of this outreach is to elevate environmental awareness at schools and educate the students on proper waste disposal.

Furthermore, it aims to increase participation in waste recycling and create an avenue for skills acquisition among the students.



The hangout brings together environmental enthusiasts to rub minds on issues relating to environmental sustainability. The hangout enlightens enthusiasts about their environment and urge them not to be oblivious of all activities happening around them.  The involvement of the younger generation with fresh and innovative ideas as volunteers is considered important in order to catalyse the important changes necessary for sustainable development.



It is important for stakeholders to meet and deliberate on high-level strategy to address environmental issues and turning environmental problems into advantage and solutions for young people develop a communique for the government.


This initiative is an avenue to spawn consciousness within the society. Every Monday, questions relating to the environment are asked on all Eleven Eleven Twelve foundation social media platforms and the winner is announced after proper screening of answers. The winners are also rewarded with exciting prizes. Join us every Monday at12:30pm.



Since before recorded history, environmental changes have affected people. We engage experts and professionals in the sector to discuss to a wide range of audience virtually environmental hazards and solutions to these issues most of which are caused by humans. Through this medium, we are able to interact and build a relationship with environmentalists.



In exploring all forms of Media, we are set to hold our own radio show. The purpose of this is to upsurge the awareness level in the state. The media is an effective tool in spreading information and raising awareness on environmental problems. Radio shows reaches people that are isolated by geography, illiteracy and poverty. Through the feedbacks of listeners, we get to know the setbacks they face and help them in ways we can by proffering solutions or re-directing to the appropriate quarters. The end goal is to advocate for the preservation of our environment.


The importance of advocacy cannot be overemphasized, this outreach aims to educate residents about the benefits of taking care of the environment and encourage them to comply with environmental laws.

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