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EETFoundation is always on the lookout for passionate, mission-driven and qualified environmental enthusiasts who are ready to change the narrative on environmental degradation and save the planet. This Internship is open to graduates and undergraduates within the ages of 18-30. This unique personal development opportunity allows our interns to develop their career in the environmental sector. Our internship provides a learning experience for youths by supporting their training and participation in the development of the environment. We believe in catching them young and shaping the mindset of the next generation.


An Internship provides a variety of benefits for young workers who want to broaden their chances for jump-starting their careers. An internship gives you a taste of what the profession is, ensures you learn from the experts and let you meet people who can help you during your career. This is a time for mentoring and getting exposed to what the field is.

Interns get the chance to explore life in the real world, and this means taking on a certain level of responsibility. They will be engaged in individual tasks and projects which is a fantastic way of getting the responsibilities and experiences needed.

Furthermore, interns would engage in duties which would have their mind trained to work in an efficient and productive manner. They would gain new skills ranging from communications and writing skills to negotiation and cooperation skills.


The foundation will have industry training for graduates. In the light of the gap in our society as regards adequate training of graduates in this industry, the foundation will be investing in intensive training for graduates who are interested in the Environmental sector (including waste management, recycling, renewable energy, agricultural practices and etc.). This training will involve not only an introduction to the nitty-gritty of various aspects of the environment but also specialised and technical advancement in the environmental sector.


Mother Earth weeps and we need to console her. Let us join hands together to put a smile back on her green face.


We are looking for proactive, passionate, innovative people who can think outside the box and are determined to drive the vision of the foundation to success.

If you think you fit this description, send us a copy of your resume to Even if we do not have a vacancy now, we will keep you in view for future job openings.

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