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Our Story

Eleven Eleven Twelve Foundation is an Independent Private Nigerian NGO committed to improving the overall quality of our environment by supporting enterprise development in the Environmental and Agricultural sector in Nigeria in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This we believe will invariably reduce unemployment by creating jobs, enhance the quality of our environment and add value to the country’s economy without compromising the quality of the environment for future generations.

Funded by the Sister Company; ALLUVIA UC LTD

88 Volunteers

45+ Environmental Actions

11 State Representative

1 Country Representative


To grow to be an organization with global standards providing empowerment initiatives, services, and products with core interest in environmental & agricultural entrepreneurship for sustainable future of the youths and to empower them with needed resources and skills to actively develop self, family and community towards positive change.


Empowering individuals to impact the environment positively.


1. Training/ Capacity building (volunteers, resource personnel) on issues of the environment; giving training seminars, talks, speeches at Universities, industries, government forums etc..
2. Creating diverse mediums/ platforms for enlightenment & sensitization and engaging in public on-field awareness programs, school outreaches.
3. Empowerment by provision of grants, creating avenues /markets for product and services in the environmental and agricultural sector. (Skill acquisition programs in recycling, upcycling, composting methods, material recovery etc.. for women/men in low income communities).
4. Research & contribution to the body of knowledge in the environmental sector; by writing journals, articles, papers, books and environmental subject topic materials including e-books and audiobooks).
5. Partnering and supporting (financial and physical) of environmental programs run by other organizations (Partnering with local and International organizations for environmental based projects in Africa)
6. Providing support for indigent /low income earners by augmenting/supplementing their waste disposal fees. Provision of waste receptacle and bags to enable them dispose their waste properly.
7. Creating a platform to capture/arouse the minds of children towards the environment by conducting essay writing competitions, opening eco-clubs to center on environmental fun based activities primary and high schools which will be the springboard for bigger inter-school competitions.

With your help, we’re making the world a better place!

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