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Canadian Luck Is Striking 8 Times: Opening Unforgettable Experiments

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Canada, known for its exciting landscapes and friendly local residents, has always been a dream site for travelers. In addition to natural miracles, this majestic country also has the ability to offer unique impressions that leave an indelible impression on visitors. In this article we will consider eight unforgettable impressions that happy travelers in Canada may face.

The northern lights are dancing

The northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is an exciting respiratory show of nature. This phenomenon can be testified in various regions of Canada, such as northern -west territories and Yukon. Standing under the sky, burning bright colors, is an impressive experience, leaving travelers with a sense of surprise and amazement.

Kit is looking at the extravaganza

The coastal regions of Canada, especially in British Colombia and Quebec, are a home for a rich marine ecosystem, which abounds up a variety of marine life. Go to the tour of the whales to see these magnificent creatures when they violate the surface of the ocean. From humpbacked whales to orcs.

Walk along the glacier

In Canadian Rocky Mountains, adventurers can participate in the unique experience of walking along glaciers. With experienced guides leading the path, visitors can fasten their cats and explore these frozen landscapes. Sparkling ice formations and the scale of glaciers create an unforgettable adventure.

Study of the Old City of Quebec

The Old City of Quebec, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, takes away visitors in time with its picturesque streets and historical architecture. A walk along the narrow cobblestone streets, surrounded by fortified walls and charming buildings, similar to what is included in the European fairy tale. The charm of the old world and a vivid atmosphere visit Quebec City unforgettable experience.

Swimming in a balloon in the rocky mountains

Imagine how to swing over the majestic Canadian rocky mountains in a balloon surrounded by a panoramic view of snowy peaks and vast forests. This exciting experience offers a unique prospect of natural beauty, which Canada can offer. Passengers passengers can testify an amazing landscape from a completely new angle.

A helicopter trip over the Niagara waterfall

Nothing can compare with breathtaking views of the Niagara waterfall from above. Take on helicopter trips and testify the strength and beauty of this natural miracle. They soar over the waterfall, visitors can feel fog on their faces when they admire the bewitching cascade of water below. This is an experience that will leave a long impression.

Kayaking with beluga

St. The Lawrence River in Quebec is a home for a unique annual event – the arrival of Beluga Whales. Visitors can go to the adventure and oar along with these playful creatures when they migrate to summer feeding. The proximity to these magnificent creatures is once in the life of an experience that will forever be captured in memory forever.

Campaign in the Banf National Park

Banf National Park, located in the heart of Canadian rocky mountains, is a dream for enthusiasts in the open air. With his untouched lakes, high peaks and abundant wildlife, this park offers countless opportunities for unforgettable adventures for hiking. Studying paths and breathing in the fresh mountain air allows visitors to communicate deeply with nature.


Canada is really a country filled with extraordinary experience. Whether it is evidence of the northern lights, the study of historical places or immersion in the beauty of the desert, the lucky ones have the opportunity to create long memories that will remain with them for a long time after their visit. So, go on an unforgettable journey and let Canadian luck hit you with these eight incredible experiments.

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